Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Getting Unstuck: Pt. 1

I believe that many of the choices we make that lead to feelings of unfulfillment or unhappiness are choices based in fear. Looking back, the choices I have made that made me feel stuck--whether in a dysfunctional relationship, a dead-end job or just living in a really shitty place that didn't excite me--were choices I made out of fear. Fear that I didn't have enough money to step out and do what I actually wanted. Fear of moving because it seemed hard and the unknown can be really scary. Fear of leaving an abusive relationship because, even though I was being crushed mentally and emotionally, at least I wasn't alone; and what if no one else would ever like me? But on a deeper level, I discovered, the fear was rooted in a lack of self-worth. I didn't feel like I was enough. I didn't believe I was worthy of doing a job that made my heart leap; living in a place that made the energy course through my body; be with a person who saw me--really saw me--and loved me for every bit of it. In my own personal healing journey this last year, I've done a fair amount of research and observation and, without a doubt, not feeling enough is at the root of most of the problems I and the people around me face.

I'm still working through the old emotions and the crippling anxiety that still surface from time-to-time, but I'm doing the work at least. Trying my best, and going easy on myself in the process. Our realities don't change until we change, after all. I'm compiling a list of the life changes that have made the greatest impact for me to time. :)

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring. thank you for the reminder.