Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Cleaning

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Vernal Equinox came just a little over a week ago, and, while I love this time of year for the fact that there's so much more color and life outside, the weather is sunnier, flowers are blooming, and I can wear far less clothing, it wasn't until I began this healing journey that I really grew to appreciate the first day of Spring on a deeper level. 

You see, Spring is a pivotal time for growth, change and transformation. Which isn't really an odd concept at all, if you stop and think about it. I mean, baby animals are being born left and right. Trees barren by winter are filling with green again. People are re-resolving once again (post-New Years) to get in shape for "bikini season." What laid idle during the winter months begins picking up the pace.  So if you've been feeling stagnant quite some time, there's hope!

And to break it down even further, 2016 was a "9" year (if you add up the numbers), which means it signified the end of a cycle and, thus, was a year of endings (which was pretty clear what with all of the unfortunate celebrity deaths we witnessed). If we used it wisely, we could finally put to rest things like negative patterns that we may have felt stuck in for many years, or we may have closed the door on certain destructive or dysfunctional relationships. 

2017 is a "1" year, and, thus, the start of the cycle and one of new beginnings. As this New Year rolled around recently, I, like many, was SO ready for it. Planetary influences are the real deal, and I was so eager for those planets and their energies to finally shift and give me a break.
And yet, if your experience was anything like mine...nothing really seemed to change. In fact, certain issues seemed to hit a peak. And I got sick--really sick. 

I read recently, though, that I'm not the only one experiencing this. In fact, what we consider the New Year is not actually the end of the "cycle"...because the seasons dictate the shifts. Hello, Spring! See? It really is an important time of the year right now full of so much opportunity, if we take the time to set intentions and goals, and really work to manifest the things we desire that are in line with our paths. We can count on the Universal energies working with us, and things will begin to move forward more easily now; transformation will begin taking place if you have done the work to shed the extra baggage! 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we consider this the season of "birth," so what kinds of new ideas and habits are you giving birth to? It also corresponds with the Liver organ, so now is the prime time to try out a liver cleanse. Clarifying your body of the extra toxins you've built up during winter (AKA: "storage" season in TCM) will do wonders for not only your body, but your mind and soul! I am currently using this cleanse.

And speaking of storage, energetically we may have worked up some blockages in the previous "storage" season, which is why energy cleaning is also very important at this time. Traditionally, people did this in the form of what we now call Spring Cleaning. The Chinese cleaned out their homes around the Chinese New Year to "sweep" out the bad luck and usher in the good. Iranian's participated in khane takani around this time, which literally means "shaking the house," where they made things "like-new" to start the new year off right. And many people still do it today, in an effort to de-clutter. What many fail to acknowledge, though, is that clutter = congested energy. When the energy isn't clear, things just don't move as fluidly. In my own personal efforts to clear my energy these days, I've also been taking a lot of epsom salt baths. The salts are beneficial for drawing out toxins, as well as toxic energy.

So happy Spring to you! May it be a glorious season of new beginnings and positive change and transformation! 

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